I desperately wish to post something here regularly.
But considering the fact that my exams are just two weeks away it doesn’t seem all that possible. So I shall cheat and post a poem.I hope you like it.

Come home to me my love and I’ll make sure it’s warm.
For each and every flame that you used to ignite your unholy love, bows to my command.
I no longer need kindle wood to drag myself through months of winter,
cinders still smolder inside my chest, the place where you put your coals, hoping for destruction.
But my love, I am no house I am no dried forest.
What are a few drops to an ocean
of fire
that flooded my veins
when your empty silence stepped into the house
Come home to me but you’ll find ash in the bedroom,
and in my heart.
On second thoughts,
don’t come home to me you fool.
There is no home, and there is no me.
Your hands still reek of that last cigarette and gasoline.

I would like to thank anyone who reads through this post.
Until We Meet Again


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