For Them

The following was a part of a post written by me on this blog more than a year ago.

Today was different. Today made me feel better about what I wrote. And it was all because of them, my friends.
I’ll tell you about them someday.

It’s Friendship Day. This Sunday “marks day of appreciation for personal relationships.” Apart from that, this year marks my last in school.
In the April of 2016, the people I’ve grown up with, the people I’ve laughed, cried, gotten over heartbreaks, shared a million memories (also, food) with, and I, will step out into the big bad wonderful world as grown up individuals. Honestly, for me, it’s nerve racking.
And till then, life is mostly going to be a slew of exams and results. It’s the kind of time when things seem so unsure.

But amidst all this chaos there are people who’ve been constant. Who’ve been with me as early as fifth grade.
And I thought that today was an appropriate day to tell them how much they mean to me.

I’ve had the opportunity to form some new, wonderful friendships in the past two or three years.
Even though I don’t talk to or see some of them on a daily basis anymore for various reasons that are beyond our control, they don’t mean any less to me. Then there are others, who came along so suddenly that the past year I spent with them seems like a whirlwind of laughter and general craziness. And now, I can’t imagine days without them.

Apart from it all though are people who have been such fixtures in my life for so long that the thought of not seeing them almost everyday turns me into a giant emotional mush. They’re the crazies that make up my day and I all I can hope for is that when we grow up, we don’t grow apart.

But I’d like to brag about something here. I’m lucky enough to have two best friends who I know for a fact are going to be telling the same embarrassing story about something I did, twenty years down the line (maybe I’m not that lucky). Also, they have the same birthday. It’s crazy. But I love them, so they’re stuck with me whether they like it or not.

I know I haven’t mentioned my friends by name here but if they read this, I want each of them to know that I’ll always be glad and grateful I got to know them.

So, to all my idiot friends who read this, thank you for being there. I love you.
Now go do something useful stupid.

Until We Meet Again.


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