Hello Again

No, I haven’t abandoned this blog.

I’ll admit I thought about it a few times since it felt like I would never again have the time or inclination to post something. But here I am, and I have no legitimate reasons for this prolonged absence apart from being in twelfth grade and a bit busy.

This post actually is to gear you all up for what’s to come. I’m taking part in a writing workshop you see and it requires for me to begin from scratch. New articles, stories, reviews and much more.
I had the option of starting a new blog entirely but, let’s face it, I’m attached to this place.

I was supposed to submit three new posts by today, but fate had other plans.
But lucky for me, the people of the organisation are divinely kind.
So I will be making new posts till Friday.
I’m going to stop blabbering now.

Until We Meet Again


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