Strangers No More

Tuesday was back again and Meera tapped her feet in impatience as she sat in her mind numbingly boring french class.
It was the last hour of school and the only thing that kept her from dozing off to sleep was that she had something to look forward to that day. 
Her weekly pilgrimage to the local public library.

The library, or her library as she called it, was nothing special. Built in the late 1960’s, with a high ceiling lined with ancient fans and dusty wooden shelves and desks arranged in rows, to most people the place screamed boring.

Meera absolutely loved it. Especially the desk next to one of the library’s french windows she always, always occupied.

The bell, finally, rang.
Amidst the chatter of her friends she packed her bag and made her way to the school bus.

Once she got home, she followed the almost mechanical routine of a mundane summer day.
Drink water. Take a bath. Change. Scarf down lunch. Grab issued books. “Bye Ma! Be back by five!”. Rush out the door.

When she’d almost reached her library, she slowed down a bit. She found herself glancing at her reflection in the window of a parked car. She rolled her eyes at herself, “Stop being such a dummy,will you?” she thought.
She knew he would be there too, just as he always was, every week.

The person she was thinking about, was a boy of her age with messy, jet black hair and deep set grey eyes, who came to the library every week as well. He’d been coming to the library for almost as long as her but they’d never once spoken to each other.
Meera didn’t even know his name.
Sometimes different friends of his had been there with him on a few occasions as well, but even though he talked to them he somehow seemed distant and a bit arrogant maybe. 

She’d judged him to be the “Holier than thou.” sort.

As Meera entered the library door and smiled back at Mrs.DeSilva behind the imposing librarian’s desk, her eyes involuntarily swept to the desk diagonal to her’s , the one he usually occupied. It sat conspicuously empty. 

Letting out an audible breath, she indifferently began returning last week’s books. Reissuing the sequel to one of her favorite books, the one she wasn’t able to finish, Meera turned on her heel and blindly started towards her usual place. She’d barely taken a step when she suddenly crashed into a tall figure. There was a thud of books falling to the floor and a flurry of apologies. 

While two pairs of hands were picking up the fallen paper and soft cardboard bound books from the floor, she realized that someone had issued the first book of the two part series she was currently reading.
Straightening up and half smiling, Meera began to say something, but stopped short when she looked up to see the face of the person she’d bumped into. 

A person with kind, grey eyes and one of Meera’s favorite books in his hands was looking at her with a small smile on his face.
And with that, both of them knew, they were strangers no more.


When I logged online today, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to post. And somehow I ended up with this.
Anyway, I just hope you like it a bit.

Until We Meet Again.


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