Deep Summer

It’s summertime. And no, it doesn’t entail sadness. 

Summer vacations can be, and usually are, painfully boring. They are for me at least. Especially if I have no new book in my hands.
But today wasn’t included in the list of drab, dull days that suck the life out of you.
Today was fun.
I met up with some of my friends, you see. We went to one of the malls that the city of New Delhi has to offer (in the past few years these things seem to crop up overnight, I swear).
There were six of them. Six idiotic, funny and downright insane friends of mine. So you can see how the day might have been pretty entertaining.They’re also the ones i’ve written previously about. 
You know, the ones who will probably never turn into strangers?

As I twirled my ring absent mindedly on the couch, sitting in front of the T.V. after I got home, a thought struck me. A thought that made me get up and write this post.

I realized how in a couple of years such days might be a thing of the past. We’ll be in different colleges, then pursue different careers, probably in different cities, with perhaps no time at all to meet up with old friends. Especially those who might be a few thousand miles away. Such thoughts make me cringe.
Because no matter how much we deny it, this is the situation in most cases, isn’t it?
So much for summer not being sad.
The song Summertime Sadness is another thing that makes me cringe, by the way.

But then, they are exceptional people ( This is for my friends if they ever read this post – Do not flatter yourself. I meant EXCEPTIONALLY crazy) and I do hope they are exceptions in this case as well.

I would like to thank anyone who ever reads this.

Until We Meet Again


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