Rush To The Start

For the past few days I’ve constantly been humming The Scientist again.

The title of this post is a part of the lyrics. But this post isn’t about the song and not about how much I love it, although I would like anyone who hasn’t heard it even now to go and do so.  
(Like, now. Right now. Seriously. Stop reading.and go. Just GO before I accuse you of living under a rock.)

I want to tell you why this line has just stuck with me.

I think, everyone of us has at some point invariably wished to do exactly this. To rush to the start. To the way things, or people, or we ourselves used to be. I know I have.

For us, rewinding to various beginnings has become a sweet distraction. 

We go back to the beginnings of experiences, friendships, relationships, to the beginning of loves. Parents go back to their teenager’s childhood, when their kid actually talked to them about everything. An old actress might to sit on her rocking chair, close her eyes and relive her glory days. A girl might recount the time when she and her best friend used to be inseparable, before she moved half way across the world. A  war hero’s wife may wish desperately to go back to that day decades ago when her husband had first courageously tried his best to flirt with her in that restaurant, before they had married and he left for the place from where he never  returned.

The possibilities are endless.

Most beginnings are beautiful. For some, what they led to might be the best part.

I don’t know why I’m writing this now. Maybe because eleventh grade turned out exactly as I thought it would. Maybe because some friends have become mere acquaintances. Remember I wrote about people who might turn into “just quick waves and half – hearted smiles in the corridors” ? They did.

And with each passing face of a friend that has turned into someone I barely know, I find myself at an old beginning.

I would like to thank anyone who reads this.
Until We Meet Again.


6 thoughts on “Rush To The Start

  1. I heard about your blog from this friend of mine, and I read each and every post from the day you started blogging (holiday’s, I’m REALLY bored, I know) but I’m glad I did
    And I just had to let you know.
    Most people I’ve come across are jaded, cynical and the excuse they have? “we lead busy lives” Who has time to look around and appreciate routine things?
    It has merely become a humdrum.
    But you’re not one of them, each and every blog comes right from your heart, it has so much emotion. Your words are so defined that it makes the reader feel your happiness, your pain, everything you wanted them to feel.
    Your posts are honestly beautiful, there’s no other word to describe it.
    They’ve woke me up to things I’ve never thought of before, emotions I’ve never felt. Or rather you did, thank you for that.
    You should definitely put me on the list of all those you’ve inspired.
    I’m glad this friend of yours inspired you to start blogging, because I’m sure it’ll leave a mark on MANY others and change their perspective on things in general.
    Keep writing!

    PS: I’m sorry for all this random blabbering and I know I sound like a TOTAL stalker but once I started reading I couldn’t stop and honestly you’re more mature than most 40 year olds (that’s a compliment!)

    • Oh my goodness, THANKYOU SO MUCH!. I feel so grateful right now. I mean, I logged on after quite a few days and saw your comment. You, anon,made me smile like a flattered goof. But really, thank you so much. You don’t know how happy and grateful I am, that my writing was able to make a connection with someone.
      So THANKYOU once again anon :”)

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