Fabled Lands and Other Things

I’m the sort of person who looks at my desktop wallpaper of a dainty, white lighthouse on the edge of an electric blue sea, attached to a house with a red chimney with the day’s last light reflecting off everything and becomes just a bit more happier.
Well, because of the simple fact that a place like that really exists.
That maybe, if I try hard enough and look hard enough, one day I could stand there and watch the sun set myself. And not just be insanely jealous of the brilliant photographer who took that picture.

I don’t know why, but these things fascinate me to no end. I guess it’s because I feel that somewhere, far away from our everyday, mundane lives, there are things and places that aren’t as dreary as the rest of the world.
Imagine the luck of that person who sees that scene on a day-to-day basis. But then, they might just think of it as ordinary.

We humans are hard to please, I tell you.

Oh, there is another picture.
This one has a vast field of lavenders, at the edge of which might be a forest, but I don’t know for sure. There are mountains nearby as well, with snow still frozen in their crevices and the sun’s rays glinting off of them. And then, in the foreground is a crudely made wooden fence. 
If you ask me, it looks like scene from Narnia. Maybe the thing glinting between those mountains is the Witch’s palace. 
Wait. No. It’s just the sun.

Honestly, I would attach these pictures to this post if I could. But  I just don’t know how.

If you’re reading this and wondering “Is there something wrong with this girl?” Please, do know, that these days I spend my free time making bookmarks.
Which I do not use.
I like dog-earing the pages. I don’t know why.

Until We Meet Again.


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