Did You Miss Me?

Obviously not. I’m not that blogger yet.

I didn’t post for the past few weeks because of my annual examinations which ended today. And along with them, ended 10th grade. 
There is a division of students according to their streams after two years when we’re in 11th.

 The people I have spent the past two years with will turn to just quick waves and half – hearted smiles in the crowded corridors.
Most of them will anyway.
Like books you read once and they never see the light of day again. To be acknowledged when they fall off from the dusty shelves, only to be hastily put back in the same place.

But then there are others.
Those who aren’t temporary. Those who stay. 
The ones who you know will be there even after the Famous Final Scene that Bob Seger tells us is inevitable.
You know you’re lucky when you have such people.

They aren’t the people to be taken for granted. To be remembered only due to a lack of choice, due to our own selfish reasons, like the ones I wrote about in my previous post. 
They’re the ones who are constant and not just forgotten favourites.

So with the cliched new beginning that will come with April, there are going to be a few who aren’t new at all.

Thank you for reading.
Until We Meet Again.


3 thoughts on “Did You Miss Me?

  1. Of course we missed you.
    And,it doesn’t have to be that way. It doesn’t have to be people you used to know. It doesn’t have to be an inevitability.
    Because there are people who stick around,and those people who were mentioned will,and I for one will definitely stick around.

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