When You’re Bored

As I stood and stared at the books on my cupboard shelves and reached for an old one due to a lack of choice, I thought how sometimes we are capable of treating people in the same way, how we’re sometimes even treated the same way.

So as I was having these vague thoughts that won’t get me anywhere in life, I did what I often do.
I wrote.
I sincerely hope that you like it. 

The way that you are,
with me,
makes me feel,
like I’m an old but cherished 
book to you.
With the bent cover,
and wrinkled spine.
Those brittle pages,
worn out with time.
You have placed me inside,
an old library,
to remember a time,
that never was.
And I believe,
that you keep me,
for times when you have
nothing new,
or better to read.

And at this point my brain urges me to turn to more academic and much less interesting books.
There’s nothing cherished about some of them though.
I thank you for reading.
Until We Meet Again


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