For it doesn’t …

For it doesn’t take a tragedy to derail a man. It only takes a memory.
~Ali Shaw, The Girl With Glass Feet

I had to keep the book down for a minute after I read that sentence.
The reason for that was simple, and the reason was that it was true.
Wholly true.

Do you remember that one time when you were just sitting there, thinking about nothing in particular, then a scene plays on the screen of your mind and suddenly it feels like a glass bottle has just been broken against your head.
I know I do.
Memories can throw you off is an understatement.

When you remember something you wish or thought you’d forgotten, the delicate thread work of your mind that was already bursting at the seams begins to unravel. And it doesn’t stop.

It tears you up. Before you know it, you’ve been turned from a normal, stable person to a lost, blubbering wreck.
Don’t you just love the human mind?

Thank you for reading through this wholesomely random post.
Until We Meet Again.


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