Going Somewhere

We’ve all been stuck in a life sucking traffic jam at some point of our lives, haven’t we? I’m sure all the Indians have at least.
I was stuck in one this evening.
It was around six thirty or seven o’clock. Rush Hour.

Impatient and eager to get home, I wanted the seemingly endless rows of cars to just move along.
As I looked through my hazy window at the bright red tail lights of these cars carrying nameless faces I will never see again, I smiled at the thought that we were a legion of strangers who might be thinking the same thing.
Thinking of home.

The little boy I saw glumly looking at the chaos around him through the comfort of his car probably was anyway.
To each other, we were all just passing blurs.

But what we don’t realize is that in the cars around us are whole existences, whole worlds, that we will never know about.
Infinite dreams and hopes, hugely different or extremely similar to our’s.

Traffic jams are annoying and the world would be a bit better without them.
But I’m going to forgive them.

Because in the end we’re all just humans, trying to find our way back home, wherever that may be.


Thankyou for reading through this tangle of thoughts.
Until We Meet Again


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