An Accomplishment.

Not to sound self centered or arrogant, but I inspired someone today. 
Me. The person who might just be looking intently at the ends of her shoelaces tommorow, desperate for any sort of inspiration for her to have something to blog about.

My friend told me that she loved what I wrote, said that it was beautiful and that she wished to start her own blog now.
I’ve known her for the past two years and it meant the world to me when I read those messages sent by her.

The purpose of writing this post is not to gloat, because the only thought that came to me when I read her decision was how inspiration could be contagious.
I was inspired by another friend’s blog and, this shocks me to no end, she was inspired by mine.

I truly feel I’ve accomplished something because what I wrote struck a chord with a person.
Somehow my frayed thoughts made sense to them. I think I got more than I could dare to dream of.

Also, today when I came online I saw that someone had followed A Silver Afternoon. I gasped.
I would like to thank the person behind The Poems Of the Inner Spark with all my heart.  

Now, I would like to end this post centered around the accomplishments of an amateur blogger.
Thank you for reading.
Until We Meet Again.


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