Results Of Overthinking.

I wrote the following poem on an exceptionally dull New Year’s Eve.
I remember lying on my bed with my thoughts influenced by the song I was listening to then. I remember myself eventually straying from the comfort and the warmth to find a pen and paper.
The song I was listening to was the complete opposite of what this poem is about.
The song was about adoration, the poem is about utter indifference.

I don’t hope that you like it. I just hope it’s mediocre enough for you not to hate it.

Black nail polish,
New Year’s Eve,
Stevie Wonder,
Isn’t she lovely?
Out of words,
she stands silent.
The world makes noise,
no one listens.
Her heart beats,
for those she loves.
But each of them turn,
when it comes to her.
Silence unheard,
shouts ignored.
Feels like a pebble,
washed ashore.
Everyone’s happy,
as they can be.
What can she say,
It’s just New Year’s Eve.

The above is the result of Stevie Wonder’s voice and overthinking.
Maybe next time I’ll just listen to a song and go to sleep, not look for a pen and paper.

I want to thank anyone who had the patience and tolerance to read this post till the end.
Until We Meet Again.


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