And I Smile.

I wrote the poem I posted in my previous blog on a miserably rainy day. And I wasn’t particularly happy either.
The reason why does not matter anymore. 

I tend to write the most when things don’t go right.
It’s a form of escape and I had written that poem, like most of them, in one of those times, when I had felt terrible about silly, childish reasons.
What I wrote did not necessarily make it any better. But that was then.
Today, when I opened my facebook account in the morning like any teenager with nothing better to do, I found my inbox filled with praise from my friends about my writing.
And it made me smile till it hurt.
Today was different. Today made me feel better about what I wrote. And it was all because of them, my friends.
I’ll tell you about them someday.

I think what I’m trying to say is that there are miseries of various degrees, but there are people around us that really do make them better. 
I’m not going to write about friendship because there are countless beautiful and wonderful things already written about it by people much more capable than me. I guess I’m just glad that I can say that every thing they have written is true, glad that I am on the receiving end of the friendship of such wonderful people.

If it was up to me, I would be living from tragedy to tragedy. It’s the people around me that make me live from miracle to miracle.
That is why I smile.

So now, along with them, I would like to thank whoever was patient enough to read through this post.
Until We Meet again.


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