Please Don’t Laugh

I put a lot of thought on what the title of this post should be, and i chose this because I honestly hope that you don’t
I told you about my childish attempts at poetry in my previous blog and today i will be posting one of those very attempts.

I wrote the following poem a very long time ago on a miserably rainy day. 
I’ll warn you again, it’s childish. Read on if you must.

A grim and grey day,
with clouds overhead.
Not a single smile,
just tears to shed.
In a dark and broken house,
of incomplete memories.
With a torn, burning book,
of an unfinished story.
Everything that used to be,
is now a haunting dream.
You wish it might return,
if you go back to sleep.
But sometimes the winter,
doesn’t turn into spring.
“Hope lies eternal”,
the mere thought is sin.
And now the broken house,
crumbles upon itself.
And the ashes of the burning book,
upon my heart,
they dwell.

Did you laugh?
Well i’m glad to be of some service.

I thank you for reading till the end, for that is where we are.
Until We Meet Again.


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