A delayed introduction.

I created this blog for a friend encouraged and inspired me to do so.
So with naive dreams of being noticed by someone, of my writing being able to connect with a person, I published my first blog post yesterday.
I chose a quote that attempted to describe what i want this blog, among millions of wonderful ones, to be about. 
About the point of view and creations of an insignificant, consummately average, book loving teenage girl, who, like most of the world is trying create some order out of the chaos that is going on in and around her.
(For those who have a higher level of understanding: chaos in her MIND. Not to be confused with puberty related chaos )

I plan on my posts being extremely whimsical, as I will be posting my childish attempts at poetry as well as other things.
My friends think I write well, at least the ones who’ve read the things I’ve written, who, i must confess are not many.
So, in the end of this,well, insignificant and average post, I would like to thank anyone who ever reads this. (If anyone at all)

P.S. I might make pathetic attempts at humor. Please forgive them.

With love,
Until we meet again.


2 thoughts on “A delayed introduction.

  1. I don’t think your attempts at humor are pathetic,not at all.
    And I for one will be checking this blog every day,and I have already bookmarked it.
    Looking forward to everything.
    Fellow blogger

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